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2017 Brazilian Grand Prix Podium

Hall of Fame Top 10

# Player Points
1 Beredo 110
2 Oemmel 106
3 cjackson 90
4 F1Fan07 51
5 vasilisker 44
6 jonmacd 31
7 gokgozm 26
- vwhite 26
9 lastfigure 25
10 Hamilton'sGlasses 20
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You will get 100.00 as bonus after every GP if you played at least one bet.
Top 3 of every GP receive 250.00, 180.00 and 150.00 as bonus.
Bonuses are doubled for Monaco GP.

Bet One Updates

Appologies for players that played the game during last few GP. I didn't have time to moderate so I couldn't approve some bets and haven't entered the results of predictions. Prediction result will be added as fast as possible. Thanks for playing, hope to see you again.

Prediction issues fixed. Now you can send your predictions again.

BetOne Android application updated Now you can send your predictions through app too. Also there are new themes you can choose.

Most Position Gained prediction added to Predictor

To new comers: You can change theme from Profile Page