What is BetOne?

BetOne is funny betting game for Formula 1 where users create a bet that they find it funny and other users place their bet saying right and wrong. Odds of bets are dynamic and all the virtual cash placed at a bet will be split among users who bet right. If you want to know this kind of betting more please visit Parimutuel Betting or Reddit thread of the project

How to Play?

You can sign up to BetOne and confirm your e-mail then you can log in to BetOne and start creating your bets or place a bet on existing bets. To create a bet, go to a race page from Race menu and select a race. After race page load you can click "Create a Bet Now" and write your own bet and send it. Your bets are not going to appear immediately. A mod should approve it first. This is to stop repetetive and offensive bets. Don't worry your bets don't have to be funny. You can create a bet about anything from simply suggesting winner to awkard moment happening. You can also place bet on existing ones that other users created. Simple click "Bet" and write an amount you want to place and say right or wrong by clicking their buttons. If you do not know which race is next just click "Bet One Now" at homepage or click top race at "Races" menu. It will direct you to next races bet page. Bets will be closed before related events of race and will be finalized after race day. You can withdraw from a bet before it is closed by clicking "Witdraw Bet" at betting screen. You will see all bets result and your bets results of race after bets are finalized by visiting that race page.

I have a question!

You do? Ask it at Reddit thread if you are a redditor or send an e-mail to info@betone.co.uk. Any suggestion or bugs you encounter is welcomed as well. Happy betting!